Friday, May 26, 2017

Grandparents Rock

Thank you for joining us today!  It was a pleasure meeting you and seeing old friends too. The children loved sharing their work with you! 

The Magic Bookshelf
The Cast (minus sweet Little Red Ridinghood, Colette) from the now famous play, The Magic Bookshelf! 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Yarmouth Streets

Learning about our Yarmouth streets and safety with Mr. Street. 

Summer Reading

Dear Y.E.S. Families,

As summer approaches, we are reminded of the “summer slide” that some children experience over the summer in regards to their reading skills.  It is natural that children read less over the summer than when they are in school five days a week, but hopefully they can find some time to read during vacation.  Afterall, reading is a predictor of academic success.  

At Yarmouth Elementary School, we encourage children to read for enjoyment over the summer.  Hopefully they have found books of high interest throughout the school year, and they can carry this love of books into the summer months.  A few tips for summer reading are:

  • Find high interest texts, which may include fiction books, nonfiction books, articles for kids, graphic novels, etc.  Series are a great way to get kids hooked on reading!  
  • Read aloud to your child and discuss the text
  • Make special trips to the library and/or bookstore
  • Give books as gifts
  • Watch the movie adaptation of a book after finishing it
  • Find special places to read
  • Participate in a summer reading program (such as through Merrill Memorial Library) or create your own summer book club (perhaps parents gather while the kids gather)

Also keep in mind that we encourage children to find “Just Right” books at Y.E.S.  These are texts that are not too challenging and not way too easy to read independently.  In school we often encourage children to find “Just Right” books so that they feel confident and competent while they read.  To find a “Just Right” book, have your child first determine if it’s a text of interest (perhaps by reading the front and back covers and/or looking at the pictures.  Then have your child read the first page aloud to you.  If there are more than five words that s/he cannot pronounce or understand, then the book may be too challenging and can become frustrating. Sometimes a child may actually choose to read a more challenging book, but know that s/he will most likely need support with vocabulary, decoding, comprehension, etc.  Sometimes a “too challenging at this time” book may be a good book for you to read aloud to your child even though they cannot yet read it independently.  A child may also sometimes choose to read a book that’s a bit too easy, which actually is a good way to practice reading fluently (with good expression, phrasing and pace).  Your child may enjoy reading a slightly easier book aloud to others!  

Whatever summer reading looks like in your home, I hope that you enjoy quality time together.  Soak up the sunshine and have fun!

Thank you,

Sarah Johnston
Lead Literacy Teacher
Yarmouth Elementary School

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Reading in comfort

Let's get comfortable while we read


Spring science

Learning about parts of a flower... Observe, write, draw, and explode the flower... Ask your child to explain.


Papa's trees

Our class with Papa's special fruit trees 

What does your garden grow?

Meet Ms. Amy, our new gardener!